raimund theatre renovation … honorable mention

vorhang auf …. for hoppe architects entry for the raimund theatre renovation competition, which was awarded with an honorable mention. rather than merely picking new surface material and conceptualizing a new seating layout, which was what the competition brief asked for, our proposal directly addresses the theatre’s major issue, its general lack of organized public space and proposes a sequence of spatially differentiated ramps and spaces that give access to the basement level, where a new adequate and representational foyer space is located. the design thus untangels the building’s complex pedestrian routes, generates a generous reception space and extends the useable public space with its theatre life right into the forecourt.

raimund_01 raimund_02 raimund_03

project: raimund theatre renovation, vienna.

date: 12.2017. open competition – honorable mention.

project team: HOPPE architects – Robert Neumayr and Christian Hoppe with Bernhard Decker, Moritz Findler and Robert Löffler.

theatre consultant: Kristof Jarder, vienna.

visualisations: hoppe architekten.