09.2019: Agent-based Semiology for Simulation and Prediction of Contemporary Spatial Occupation Patterns. Design Modelling Symposium Berlin 2019, Berlin (DE) – with Mathias Fuchs.

05.2019: Agent-based Semiology – Contemporary Spatial Occupation Patterns. i.sd – institute for structure and design, Leopold-Franzens-Universität, Innsbruck (AT) – with Mathias Fuchs.

05.2019: Agent Based Semiology Symposium. IoA, University of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT) – with Josip Bajcer and Mathias Fuchs.

04.2019: Paradigms of Perfomativity. Simulating Social Building Performance.Fakultät für Architektur, Leopold-Franzens-Universität, Innsbruck (AT).

02.2019: Kochkurs Bauordnung Wien. Management Club, Vienna (AT).

12.2018: Agent Based Parametric Semiology Symposium. Architectural Association School of Architecture, London (UK) – with Josip Bajcer and Mathias Fuchs.

06.2018: Als über Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus ein Buddah schwebte. Wiener Bezirksmuseum Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Vienna (AT).

05.2018: Parametric Semiology – Information-rich Environments. AP – Angewandte Praxis Lecture Series. University of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT) – with Josip Bajcer, Mathias Fuchs and Bogdan Zaha.

12.2017: Agent Based Parametric Semiology. 2nd re|search salon, Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL), Vienna (AT) – with Daniel Bolojan.

12.2017: Panel Moderator for The Challenge of Change, Future Systems of Sustainability, and Collective Thinking. AIA Middle East 2017 Annual Conference „10,958 days“, Sharjah (UAE).

09.2017: Agent Based Semiology . AA Visiting School Vienna, Vienna (AT) – with Bogdan Zaha.

08.2016: a digital design diary. Pusan National University , Busan (KR).

06.2015: symbiotic strategies. „questions?“ – 4th International Workshop for sustainable development and the built environment, Cluj (RO).

05.2015: Fluid Totality – studio HADID diploma design strategies. Zilele Architecturii 2015, Cluj (RO).

05.2015: en{coded}fields 2 – keynote lecture. „en{coded}fields 2“ workshop & conference, Cluj (RO).

05.2015: Crowd Semiotics – Information Rich Environments.1. Wiener Doktorand_innensymposion der Architektur, Vienna (AT).

04.2015: From Linearity To Complexity. University of Auckland, Auckland (NZ).

02.2015: The Digital Design Diary. Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore (SG).

10.2014: A Parametric Cookbook. Slovak Technical University, Bratislava (SK).

11.2013: Total Fluidity. Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, Baku (AZ).

08.2013: en{coded}fields – keynote lecture. „en{coded}fields“ workshop & conference, Timisoara (RO).

05.2013: parametric morphologies. „Design And Architecture Days“, Bratislava (SK).

05.2013: visual manual #1. „Experimental Architecture Biennial“ Symposium, Prague (CZ).

09.2012: Restoring the Practical / Beautiful. IIC Congress, Vienna (AT).

03.2012: Total Fluidity. Universidade Estácio de Sá (AKXE), Rio de Janeiro (BR).

10.2011: From Flexibility To Fluidity. „Fluencies“ International Arhitext Festival, Timisoara (RO).

10.2011: Cummulative Processes. „design modelling symposium“ Berlin (DE) – with Michael Budig.

06.2011: Generative Prozesse. University of Wuppertal (DE).

10.2009: Associative Processes. „design modelling symposium“ Berlin (DE) – with Michael Budig.

09.2009: Deep Surfaces – Digital Research and Affective Conditions. „f2f_continuum“ Conference, Crete (GR).

05.2009: Generative Processes. „Innovative Design & Construction Technologies“ Conference, Milano (IT) – with Michael Budig.

12.2008: The Parametric Design Diaries: Architecture and Digital Language. 3rd CNC Milling Conference, Vienna (AT).

08.2008: from space to field. „reMIX:petrzalka“ workshop, Bratislava (SK).

03.2008: turn on professionals: European KalZIP Student Award. „turn on“ architektur festival, Vienna (AT) – with Michael Budig.

02.2008: concise/complete: recent work. „DRL TEN“ Symposium, Architectural Association, London (UK).

03.2006: non-linear responsive environments. „GameSetAndMatch II“ conference, Delft (NL).

03.2005: adaptive spatial organisations. SFT Architekturcongress, Münster (DE).

03.2004: adaptive spatial organisations. Fachhochschule Hamburg, Hamburg (DE).

10.2002: serial spaces – design by versioning. Architectural Association DRL, London (UK) – with Georgina Robledo.

06.2002: topoTransegrity – Adaptive Spatial Organisations. „wink“ conference, Barbican Centre, London (UK) – with Delphine Ammann, Karim Muallem, Georgina Robledo.

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